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Terms of Services

Sales Chat's services are offerred in accordance to the specific agreement established between each individual client and Sales Chat's parent company Moonlit Ventures, LLC. For all clients, there are certain universal Terms for those who have implemented Sales Chat's Performance Pay Live Chat Support.

Sales Chat's "Pay for Performance" Pricing Model

For all Sales Chat clients, you will only ever Pay for Performance.

What this means is that you are charged on a Per Lead basis for the Warm Inbound Sales Leads we deliver. At Sales Chat, we classify a "Warm Inbound Sales Lead" as all of the following:

  • Prospective customer's contact information,
  • Specific product / service requirement(s),
  • Purchase budget,
  • And time-frame of their requirement.

That means that you only pay for the qualified sales opportunities we capture via Live Chat Sessions on your website. Whenever we generate a Warm Inbound Sales Lead for your company, we immediatly will forward you the pertinent details via email and / or SMS text message.

With Sales Chat, there are no additional costs to the service other than the Pay Per Lead performance-based fees. For specific information on the Price Per Lead (discounts for pre-orders), please see our Pricing page.

Sales Chat Payment Policy

Sales Chat clients have two options for standard payment schedules:

  1. Pre-Pay - Where the client buys a set number of leads in advance. When these leads have all been delivered, the client can either Pre-Pay for more leads or automatically move on to option 2 ...

  2. Pay As You Go - Where the client is billed at the end of each month for the sum total of all the previous month's Warm Inbound Sales Leads. All "Pay As You Go" clients are billed on the last day of the month, and have until the 15th day of the next month to settle the account.

Sales Chat Late Payment Policy

For all Sales Chat "Pay As You Go" clients, the final billing deadline for the previous month is on the 15th of the current month. In other words, you have until Feb 15th to settle your bill for the Warm Inbound Sales Leads deliverred by Sales Chat during the month of January.

If a Sales Chat client does not pay for the previous month's Warm Inbound Sales Leads by the 15th of the current month, then the Sales Chat team will contact the client to request the client choose between:

a.) Sales Chat's Live Chat Operators will stay online, capturing Warm Inbound Sales Leads & proactively engaging website visitors, until the client gets current with billing ... but until such time that client is current with billing Sales Chat will not deliver any leads generated. In other words, we stay online, but you don't get the additional leads we capture until you pay up.

b.) Sales Chat's Live Chat Operators can simply remain offline until the Sales Chat client has again become current with billing.

Sales Chat Cancellation Policy

Sales Chat never requires long-term contracts or ongoing obligations from our clients. To cancel your Sales Chat service at any time, you need only contact us and request that we cancel your account. Before a "Pay As You Go" Sales Chat client can cancel an account, the client is responsible to settle any outstanding bilsl for already delivered Warm Inbound Sales Leads. Otherwise, a Sales Chat client can cancel the service at any time, at only a few hours notice.

To fully cancel your Sales Chat service, you will also need to delete the Sales Chat Code Snippet from your site. If you paid Sales Chat for our "Done for You" installation option, your uninstallation was also included in your original purchase. Remember to mention this when cancelling your account, and the Sales Chat tech team will handle the uninstallation without you lifting a finger.