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Working With Sales Chat as a Partner, Affiliate, or Joint Venture...

If you feel there is a compatible, non-competing overlap between your own business & the SalesChat service, please do get in touch with us immediately.

Alliances and partnerships play such an important role in our business that each new potential partner is manually reviewed by the company's executives. We consider each alliance on a case-by-case basis. And, if you are in a business that sells to the same clients as we do (i.e. - if you sell to companies with websites), we will do everything possible to arrange a mutually profitable cooperation.

Our motto is: "How can we be helpful to you?"

Our partnership program is designed to be seamlessly deployed for you, via one (or a combination) of the following:

  • An affiliate model
    (where you get coded links or a customized micro-site & we track new sign-ups sent from your unique inbound hub),

  • A marketing alliance / joint venture model
    (where we create some type of bundled offer or unique new product / service offering jointly), or,

  • A white label model
    (where we act as an indistinguishable extension of your company, completely integrated under your brand & logos).

Potential Partners / Affiliates: Contact Sales Chat Below . . .

Perhaps you already have some idea of the way you'd like to cooperate profitably with Sales Chat. If so, you can reference that in your communication. To get in touch regarding partnership with Sales Chat, get started via Live Chat (below), or feel free to use one of the following:

Partners Email:

Skype: sales_chat

Or, you can just use this form to contact us directly: