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Sales Chat Case Studies

King West Lofts
  • 15% INCREASE in online sales,
  • 250% ROI (the highest ROI marketing activity),
  • 40% REDUCTION in sales cycle (lead-to-close),
  • ... all on virtual AUTO-PILOT.

Based in Toronto, Canada is an online real estate agency.

Customer: King West Lofts
Headquarter: Toronto, Canada
Industry: Online Real Estate Agency

The Challenge

King West Lofts (KWL) gives its customers a competitive edge with insightful information about the hottest properties in the area. It provides value added resources to help owners & advertisers make prudent decisions. KWL provides up-to-date data for sales, purchases, rentals and investments. Sales Chat's challenge was to give website visitors immediate confidence that they are dealing with the right company and provide them specific advice, answer any questions, and ultimately convert them into repeat visitors & sales leads.

The Solution

Sales Chat met the unique challenge of this particular case in several ways:

  • Systematically identify purchase intent and abandonment indicators: By taking a proactive chat approach, Sales Chat has identified key buying criteria which Sales Chat agents and the in-house sales teams use in coordination.
  • Intelligently engage website visitors ... at the right time: Sales Chat's back-end analytics track all pertinent website browsing & chat behavior for each visitor. By keying in to the data, and optimizing the chat approach accordingly, the chat operators reliably improve results.
  • Keep KWL sales staff busy with quickest transfer of sales leads: Sales Chat agents keep on converting the hot qualified sales lead and passing it to the KWL sales staff in real time. All the KWL teams needs to do is contact the prospective clients & and convert them into sales.

The Benefits

"Opening up a proactive dialogue and engaging with customers while they were browsing, gives customers the opportunity to ask about anything they like. Quite like the shop assistant welcoming the customer as they come through the door or asking 'May I help?' Customer queries, stock enquires and existing orders are easily dealt with there and then!"

The Result

KWL started to have the following positive results:

  • 15% increase in online sales:

    Sales Chat has become KWL’s best conversion tool which not only engages the website visitors but also assists their sales team in converting them.
  • 250% ROI:

    The solution brought approximately 250% ROI on the online investment for sales and marketing which proved to be the highest ROI marketing activity on the site.
  • 40% reduced sales cycle:

    The Sales Chat lead transfers have become one of the quickest ways for the KWL team to interact with prospective clients and close sales ... faster.
My Home Furniture
  • Found Sales Chat to be the easiest to integrate Live Chat Support service,
  • With IP address tracking that allowed for more precisely targeted marketing campaigns,
  • Ultimately resulting in higher marketing ROI on all on- and off-line marketing efforts,
  • ... all without requiring My Home Furniture to change a thing about the way they operate.

Based in London, England, My Home Furniture is an online furniture retailer.

Customer: My Home Furniture
Headquarter: London, UK
Industry: Online Furniture Retail

The Challenge

My Home Furniture (MHF) was a start-up in 2010, and as a new entry in a tough market place, their challenge was to return a high ROI on their initial investment into the business. To do so, the most important objective to achieve was an effective, efficient use of marketing & advertising budget (specifically in the online space), to ensure their company was successful. As a furniture retailer ... specifically selling online ... there is one major added challenge: the customer could not physically enjoy the presence of the furniture before purchasing! With shipping costs high, and people's taste in furniture difficult to assess without a one-on-one, face-to-face sales experience, MHF needed a way to quickly build trust & rapport with their new potential customers online.

The Solution

Sales Chat met the unique challenge of this particular case in several ways:

  • Provide the easiest to implement, easiest to integrate Live Chat Support solution: With the extreme ease of installing Sales Chat --- and 100% of the technical responsibilities on our side --- My Home Furniture's staff was left free to focus on what really matters: closing sales & running their business. Sales Chat handled the rest.
  • Build rapid rapport with website visitors via proactive chat engagement: Sales Chat's trained Live Chat Associates understand how to engage website visitors, and developed a system (based on analytics of previous chat engagements) to choose the right moment & engage site visitors proactively, to immediately build rapport & trust in MHF (as well as to convert a higher percentage of visitors into new potential customers).
  • Implement the only 100% performance pay option for Live Chat Support: MFH tested nearly all their available options for a Live Chat Support component on their website ... and of them all, Sales Chat scored the highest by the company's assessment. One feature that stood out about Sales Chat - above all the rest - was our unique Performance Pay Live Chat Support model, which meant MHF only ever paid for the results they saw.

The Benefits

"Sales Chat not only gave the website visitors a better understanding of the products & offerings of My Home Furniture ... it also enabled MHF to deliver a higher level of customer support, engaging visitors proactively via the Live Chat function on the website - without adding any fixed costs or technical headaches to MHF's operations."

The Result

MHF started to have the following positive results:

  • Easiest to integrate & implement Live Chat Support:

    Sales Chat beat out all our competition (for My Home Furniture) when it came to choosing an option for Live Chat Support. By being exceedingly easy to implement, and with basically no ongoing overhead or techincal requirements, Sales Chat quickly won over MHF and has become a staple marketing tool for their site.
  • Performance Pay Live Chat allowed the most flexible use of the service:

    With Sales Chat's unique performance pay model, MHF was paying only for the results they received. As such, it was easiest to implement Sales Chat even from their early days, and remain with the service indefinitely (regardless of whether they were having a busy or slow time in their business). This allowed for continuity that no other Live Chat Support service could provide.
  • MHF staff was freed from basic inquiries, saving on labor costs:

    With Sales Chat implemented on the site, inquiries from existing customers, stock inquiries, and basic questions about products, shipping, or purchase / return policies no longer required a potential customer to pick up the phone & take the time away from MHF inbound call center staff. By dealing with these types of non-sales inquires directly, on the Live Chat module via their website, MHF was freed from the majority of these types of time consuming, non-profit-generating tasks indefinitely.



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