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Live Chat Support Saves Money

Picture this.

A potential customer – who is looking for exactly what you offer – just found your business for the very first time by visiting your website. They are impressed by your message, and moved to take action, but …

Something is missing. They just have a few questions. They call your company phone, but it’s after hours.

They send an email, and then

… they start shopping around and reviewing your competition! Sale … lost.

If you have no way to capture the short attention span of today’s ad-saturated consumer, your customer support efforts are falling short. You are wasting ad dollars by not making every possible effort to convert prospects – potentially interested visitors to your website – into paying clients.

If your customer support efforts are falling short, it is entirely possible your future profitability will hinge on the correction of this one pivotal issue. The easiest way to rapidly improve … [Click here to keep reading "Live Chat Support Saves Money"]