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The Biggest Problem With Live Chat Support

As you are probably aware, Live Chat Support consists of an instant messenger, embedded on your website, through which customers & potential customers can instantly receive support from a Live Chat Operator. Live Chat Support requires no additional software for your website visitors. They can simply click a button, and a Live Chat window will pop out.

Through Live Chat, customers (and potential customers) can interact with a real human operator directly, through your website, with no lag whatsoever (it’s instant). To make it work, all you need is the properly installed Live Chat Software & an effectively trained Live Chat Operator.

Unfortunately for smaller businesses, the costs of maintaining a Live Chat Team can be prohibitive. Most Live Chat Software requires a tech expert to install & set-up, and may also include hefty starting fees.

And it gets worse: a Live Chat Operator is not a simple 9 to 5 position. Since customers can … [Click here to keep reading "The Biggest Problem With Live Chat Support"]

The Story Behind “Done for You” Live Chat Support Services …

Let’s face it: nearly every business these days has a website. And regardless of what types of content, multimedia, and fancy designs your website includes … in most cases the on-site interaction is completely lifeless. Everything is a machine. The website visitor is totally inert, like watching a TV commercial.

If you want to bring real, live, human service back into your online business, Live Chat Support is your only choice. Live Chat Support is among the most underrated tools for boosting online profits and customer loyalty. The idea of a customer being able to engage an active conversation with an attendant at your online “store” is nothing new. In fact, in the brick-and-mortar world … you’ll almost never make a purchase without the important element of an Attendant, Salesperson, Receptionist, or Concierge.

What Is Live Chat Support?

Live Chat Support is an instant message capability directly on your website, with a Live … [Click here to keep reading "The Story Behind “Done for You” Live Chat Support Services …"]