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The Biggest Problem With Live Chat Support

As you are probably aware, Live Chat Support consists of an instant messenger, embedded on your website, through which customers & potential customers can instantly receive support from a Live Chat Operator. Live Chat Support requires no additional software for your website visitors. They can simply click a button, and a Live Chat window will pop out.

Through Live Chat, customers (and potential customers) can interact with a real human operator directly, through your website, with no lag whatsoever (it’s instant). To make it work, all you need is the properly installed Live Chat Software & an effectively trained Live Chat Operator.

Unfortunately for smaller businesses, the costs of maintaining a Live Chat Team can be prohibitive. Most Live Chat Software requires a tech expert to install & set-up, and may also include hefty starting fees.

And it gets worse: a Live Chat Operator is not a simple 9 to 5 position. Since customers can … [Click here to keep reading "The Biggest Problem With Live Chat Support"]