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Live Chat Support Saves Money

Picture this.

A potential customer – who is looking for exactly what you offer – just found your business for the very first time by visiting your website. They are impressed by your message, and moved to take action, but …

Something is missing. They just have a few questions. They call your company phone, but it’s after hours.

They send an email, and then

… they start shopping around and reviewing your competition! Sale … lost.

If you have no way to capture the short attention span of today’s ad-saturated consumer, your customer support efforts are falling short. You are wasting ad dollars by not making every possible effort to convert prospects – potentially interested visitors to your website – into paying clients.

If your customer support efforts are falling short, it is entirely possible your future profitability will hinge on the correction of this one pivotal issue. The easiest way to rapidly improve your availability … if you do any amount of business through your website … is via Live Chat Support.

Why Live Chat Leads Convert

Live Chat Sales Leads (leads captured via a Live Chat Support Session) are some of the hottest, best converting leads your business will ever generate. When a sales inquiry goes from your website, thru a Live Chat Operator, to your sales team & closers … this potential customer will be one of your highest percentage conversions – period.

The reason for this is simple: commitment.

Live Chat Support Sessions do not intimidate prospects & clients. It is a very informal and comfortable medium. Compared to picking up the phone & calling … or even requesting a call-back … Live Chat Support is basically the easiest way for potential customers to begin engaging real human beings representing your company.

The power of commitment, or what Persuasion Master Robert Cialdini refers to as “Commitment & Consistency” – one of his 6 principles of  influence – is a scientifically proven principle that is universal to all human psychology. What it means, at its essence, is “The more you do something, the more you will continue to do it.”

It is the basis of forming habits. The key is tiny, baby steps. Remember the old adage about boiling the frog. In the end, Live Chat Leads convert so well because it gives prospects another step in the process, where they can actually engage a real, live human being (without even touching a phone or speaking).

How Live Chat Support Saves Money

By providing a new bridge from your world to your customer’s world with Live Chat, you will also create a new avenue to build inbound lead flow, customer goodwill, and increased client life time value (by fostering long-term relationships). Can Live Chat Support really do all this?

Absolutely. Here are some of the primary benefits your online reputation, and hence your entire business, can reap by adding a well executed, proactive Live Chat Support approach:

  • Streamlined customer support (less phone calls required).
  • Better customer experience (more available support).
  • More repeat purchases (improved brand loyalty).
  • More inbound sales leads (captured directly via Live Chat).
  • Less lost sales (when your website wasn’t answering their questions).

And these are just a few of the total benefits a site will receive by adding a properly implemented live chat. However … and here’s the real K.O. punch that makes Live Chat such a no brainer … you can get Live Chat Support on your site for no fixed fees and no up-front cost with a company like Sales Chat. Then, you take no risk, and only pay for performance (just like Google’s PPC advertising, where you only ever Pay Per Click).

This approach will save you tremendous lost efforts, marketing your website but watching visitors bounce because they couldn’t find what they needed to know. A Live Chat Operator can proactively engage your potential customers, directly on your website with no lag, and turn more visitors into paying repeat customers.

To me, and to us at Sales Chat, Live Chat Support is the definite “no brainer” for the future of business on the web. What do you think?

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