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The Story Behind “Done for You” Live Chat Support Services …

Let’s face it: nearly every business these days has a website. And regardless of what types of content, multimedia, and fancy designs your website includes … in most cases the on-site interaction is completely lifeless. Everything is a machine. The website visitor is totally inert, like watching a TV commercial.

If you want to bring real, live, human service back into your online business, Live Chat Support is your only choice. Live Chat Support is among the most underrated tools for boosting online profits and customer loyalty. The idea of a customer being able to engage an active conversation with an attendant at your online “store” is nothing new. In fact, in the brick-and-mortar world … you’ll almost never make a purchase without the important element of an Attendant, Salesperson, Receptionist, or Concierge.

What Is Live Chat Support?

Live Chat Support is an instant message capability directly on your website, with a Live Chat Support Receptionist who greets & assists website visitors. When it comes to the implementation of Live Chat Support, there are 2 essential elements every business will need.

1. The Live Chat Support Software.

A Live Chat Support Software is the actual software that allows the website visitors to engage in a chat via the website. At Sales Chat, you can install our software as easy as Copy & Paste a unique code snippet.

2. The Live Chat Support Staff.

A Live Chat Support Staff is your dedicated staff member(s) who greet & assist your website visitors via Live Chat. Just as every brick-and-mortar establishment provides on-site service, your Live Chat Support Staff will be on-line ready to build lasting, positive client relationships.

What Exactly is a Live Chat Support Service?

At Sales Chat, we offer a “done for you” Live Chat Support Service, which means we provide both the Software & the Staff for your Live Chat Support. While most options only offer the software, and leave you & your team to fend for yourself when it comes to using it, Sales Chat handles the entire process from start to finish. All you need to do is handle the Warm Inbound Leads we deliver. A few of our most popular competitors that also offer the full “done for you” Live Chat Support Services include Web Greeter and Live Salesman, so please feel free to shop around.

The most important factors in a Live Chat Support Service are how well the Live Chat Operators know to interact with your website visitors … and how well they really know your business! Essentially, a Live Chat Operator is your only “in-store” salesperson available directly through your website, so they need to have an efficient way to understand your business. The underlying goal of any & all Live Chat Support interactions is to get more sales, so your Live Chat Operator(s) need to be helpful, non-pushy, well trained salespeople.

At Sales Chat, our staff is trained to study your business, and each Live Chat Operator must live up to weekly Quality Control standards. Our entire business model is focused on generating Warm Inbound Leads for your sales team to close. We systematically create FAQs to quickly answer common queries on your site, and provide you peace of mind knowing that your customers are getting excellent service (without you lifting a finger). To learn more about our services, you can check out How Sales Chat Works.

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