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The Biggest Problem With Live Chat Support

As you are probably aware, Live Chat Support consists of an instant messenger, embedded on your website, through which customers & potential customers can instantly receive support from a Live Chat Operator. Live Chat Support requires no additional software for your website visitors. They can simply click a button, and a Live Chat window will pop out.

Through Live Chat, customers (and potential customers) can interact with a real human operator directly, through your website, with no lag whatsoever (it’s instant). To make it work, all you need is the properly installed Live Chat Software & an effectively trained Live Chat Operator.

Unfortunately for smaller businesses, the costs of maintaining a Live Chat Team can be prohibitive. Most Live Chat Software requires a tech expert to install & set-up, and may also include hefty starting fees.

And it gets worse: a Live Chat Operator is not a simple 9 to 5 position. Since customers can visit your website at any time, 24-7, determining the right hours to have your Operator online is an analytical science unto itself. How will you track this? How will you optimize your Live Chat Operator performance … and capture more Inbound Sales Leads via Live Chat?

The Cold Hard Truth:

Ultimately, for most small businesses, the traffic to your website will probably not justify a dedicated employee to act as your Live Chat Operator – especially at odd hours.

Many small businesses may only have occasional need for support on their websites, with very few chat sessions in a typical work week. Even fewer of these chats will actually lead to a viable lead.

Other small businesses may be missing out on significant conversion boosts by neglecting Live Chat, but simply lack the budget or know-how to implement.

There are still other businesses that try to cover their website’s 24-hour needs with at least one employee, but simply lack the traffic to justify the consistent time investment of the personnel. That often leaves staff members with costly lag times or lulls in activity, which can be frustrating for both employee and employer. At other times, this same chat team may become suddenly overwhelmed by a surprise rush and be unable to handle all the inquiries.

These are just a few of the reasons that make live chat support so difficult to implement for the average small business.

Ultimately, though, the issue will keep rearing its ugly head until you & your company solve it. If you are relying on web channels, you will need to eventually address this critical issue. Here’s why:

Live Chat Support is {currently} the ONLY way to bring a live human being to your website’s real-time interactions.

Think about it this way:

Would you send a potential customer into your department store or sales office … without anyone there to greet & assist them?

What would happen if stores like Nordstrom and H&R Block neglected their personalized service touch, and simply did away with the live human element of their commerce?

If the costs or technical gap are preventing you from adding Live Chat Support to your website, by now you’ll hopefully be seeing more clearly that this is a serious mistake that will continue to prevent you from maintaining position at the head of your market. One way or another, all of us operating businesses in the digital-age will face the conundrum of adding Live Human Beings into our online marketing mix.

The Biggest Problem Going WithOUT Live Chat Support

By neglecting Live Chat Support, you are alienating a specific portion of your potential market by ignoring their preferred channel of communication.

If I visit your site, and have a few lingering questions before I make that all important “Buy” decision, I will likely feel inadequate motivation to actually pick up a phone and call your company. If I don’t find the answers to my questions by the time my short attention span drags me away … I will probably leave your site. I will probably go to a competitor’s site. I will probably not buy what you offer.

Losing a sale is really that simple. Actually, simpler.

The reasons a potential prospect might not convert on your website are unimaginably diverse. Even the most consistently performing ads & campaigns will have inexplicable anomalies from time to time. In other words: there are WAY more reasons a prospect will decide NOT to buy … than there are reasons they would decide TO buy.

Read that again. It is important:

There are WAY more reasons a prospect will decide NOT to buy … than there are reasons they would decide TO buy.”

By choosing to go withOUT Live Chat Support, you are simply creating another reason for prospects NOT to buy (closing & locking a door through which they could potentially enter, buy something, and give you money).

In other words … in spite of the costs, if your website represents a significant flow for your business … you need Live Chat Support! Plain & simple.

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