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The Story Behind “Done for You” Live Chat Support Services …

Let’s face it: nearly every business these days has a website. And regardless of what types of content, multimedia, and fancy designs your website includes … in most cases the on-site interaction is completely lifeless. Everything is a machine. The website visitor is totally inert, like watching a TV commercial.

If you want to bring real, live, human service back into your online business, Live Chat Support is your only choice. Live Chat Support is among the most underrated tools for boosting online profits and customer loyalty. The idea of a customer being able to engage an active conversation with an attendant at your online “store” is nothing new. In fact, in the brick-and-mortar world … you’ll almost never make a purchase without the important element of an Attendant, Salesperson, Receptionist, or Concierge.

What Is Live Chat Support?

Live Chat Support is an instant message capability directly on your website, with a Live … [Click here to keep reading "The Story Behind “Done for You” Live Chat Support Services …"]

Sales Chat OFFICIAL LAUNCH! — The World’s First Performance Pay Live Chat Support

Without much fanfare, Sales Chat has officially been launched … as with its development in general … by necessity.

In the words of Sales Chat co-founder Nadeem Farooqi:

This is amazing… we haven’t opened up our shop and customers started knocking at the door.

Without a doubt, Sales Chat’s unique innovation of Performance Pay ONLY Live Chat Support Service is in demand. Most websites are dead! Even the social web is largely referential. Aside from a few disparate chat options (Facebook, Google, Skype, AIM, MSN, etc) … and a few major sites that have in-house Live Chat Support teams … people experiencing the web are experiencing a machine.

Sales Chat is here to bring life to the internet, and to bring personal, real-human service to e-commerce & online lead generation.

Sales Chat is the first service launched to provide start-to-finish “done for you” Live Chat Support services … with no up-front costs or fixed fees. … [Click here to keep reading "Sales Chat OFFICIAL LAUNCH! — The World’s First Performance Pay Live Chat Support"]