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About Sales Chat


Who: Co-Founders Nadeem Farooqi & Marshall Hatfield

Sales Chat evolved out of necessity.

Years before our company's birth, founder & serial entrepreneur Nadeem Farooqi implemented Live Chat on many of his own sites. He was consistently impressed at its effect on conversions, and began to share his chat expertise with fellow business owners. Even early on, it wasn't unusual to yield conversion increases of 15-20% ... practically overnight ... just by implementing Nadeem's unique approach to Live Chat Support. In many cases, Sales Chat represented a site's single highest ROI activity.

Combining his location in Pakistan's financial capital, "the cheapest city in the world," with his decades of skill managing complex teams, Farooqi had quickly developed Sales Chat into a scalable, replicable system. It was at this point that Sales Chat launched its partnership with US marketing services agency, Moonlit Ventures, LLC. Moonlit Ventures founder (and Sales Chat co-founder) Marshall Hatfield has since become intimiately involved in the front end management of Sales Chat, resulting in today's deployment of a strictly Performance Pay 'Done for You' Live Chat solution.

What: Performance Pay 'Done for You' Live Chat Services

While the idea of outsourcing your Live Chat Support is nothing new, our approach to delivering this service is entirely unique. Sales Chat is the only lead-focused, performance pay Live Chat service. We only get paid when we deliver leads.

With the competition, you're paying the same amount no matter what ROI you receive. In some cases, this can work in your favor. In other cases, you'll spend a bundle & see nothing back. At Sales Chat, we know the true objective of any and all your marketing efforts: earning you more profit ... and we've built our entire business model around that.

We work on a 100% performance pay basis. If we don't deliver qualified inbound leads ... you don't pay. It's that simple. We will act as your Live Chat Support, handling everything from service questions, to technical questions, to greeting repeat visitors, all for free. You pay when we deliver the leads, based on the number of leads we deliver. Period.

Why: Because Most Websites Are Dead . . .

Whether you spend money on online advertising, or invest in offline efforts that traffic to a website, without a live human being to greet the visitors, the first thing your potential customers see on the web ... is dead.

Think about it this way: would you send a prospect to your office or store ... with no sales staff or receptionist to greet them? Of course not! So why would you consider making that mistake on your website?

We will give you cutting edge live chat software, experienced live chat operators and mature processes for FREE. Not only can you try our service for 30 days (or 15 leads) absolutely for free, you never pay anything unless we deliver.

Our experienced Live Chat Associates specialize in obtaining contact information of website visitors professionally, while simultaneously pre-qualifying them and recording their unique buying criteria - all without you lifting a finger. There's no risk, and practically no effort to get started. First, learn about how it works, then get started and try us free.

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