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Performance Pay "Done for You" Live Chat Support

With Sales Chat, you always pay for performance ONLY. We'll install your Live Chat
Services software, learn your business, and diligently chat with your site's visitors - all free.

You only pay for the high quality hot leads we deliver ... and Sales Chat leads
are some of the highest quality leads you will ever generate - active visitors to your site.

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Sales Chat: How It Works Video

100% results guaranteed, 00% investment required.

Sales Chat is the world's first & only Pay-for-Performance Live Support solution.
Now, you can add fully managed Live Support to your site ... with no fixed costs.

Hire the Sales Chat team to install & manage your Live Chat Support, and
pay only for the qualified leads we generate. Choose an option to learn more:

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Sales Chat: How It Works Video

Boost ROI on Every Ad Dollar You Spend.

Running a website and driving traffic to it can represent seriously substantial investments.
Without a Live Human Component and online help desk, your site remains dead ...

If you want to transform your website into a real interactive experience, and visitors into
actively engaged potential customers, you need to add an online help desk with live chat.

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The Ultimate Website Conversion Tool: People.

No matter how impressive your landing pages, or how dazzling your sales videos...
No matter how compelling your autoreponder copy, or how irresistible your offers...

Without a real live human being behind the screen, your website is DEAD.
People are social creatures. Sales Chat will bring your website back to life.

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Sales Chat: How It Works Video

Live Chat Services
Get You More Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without
new customers ... your business will not survive.

Sales Chat will help you effortlessly tap into
one of the best sources of inbound leads:
Current visitors, browsing your site,
live ... right now!

Sales Chat guarantees quality
leads (at no up-front cost).

Bullet PointHow It Works.

Sales Chat Client Testimonials

I would like to thank you and your business for helping Galaxy Deals achieve a new level of excellence. We've been using Sales Chat since June 2010. This has brought the real return on investment on my business.
- Shahid Tarar,
President of Galaxy Deals

I have used a number of different chat solutions but all solutions would bring another cost to my business. Sales Chat has saved me software and hiring costs, as well as the cost of training a staff to man the live chat function. I have been very happy with the kind of support Sales Chat provides to our business.
- Sanjeev Desait,
President of King West Lofts

We are very happy with Sales Chat’s chat service which provides an end-to-end solution. [Thanks to Sales Chat,] our website is now a communication window between our prospects and business ... and no longer just a sign-board like the others.
- Zulfiqar Butt,
Marketing Manager of Mobiles for All

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Try It & Get 30 Days
(or 15 Leads) ... Free!

While Sales Chat is already a 'no-brainer' for any
company that uses a website to generate leads,
this offer makes it easier than ever to get started.

Try Sales Chat today, at no-cost,
and you'll get your first 30 days
or 15 leads ... for free!

We'll help set-up Live Chat,
study your business, and
start generating leads ... all free.

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